A Young Apprentice

mistress tanya and sex wheel

Last week one of my regulars of mature years enjoyed my full strap-on treatment. Despite his age this activity produces a rock-hard erection followed rapidly by a spontaneous ejaculation. Afterwards he told me of a young man whom he has got to know and who confided in him that he has difficulties in both these reactions. My regular had shown him my website, and the young man saw in my pictures and articles the realisation of his fantasy to be guided and dominated by a curvaceous blond Scandinavian Diva.

The young man duly arrived and I bade him strip and present himself for my inspection. His member though small began to stir, so I put him across my knee for a light spanking. Then it was into the cage while I explained the etiquette of the slave-mistress relationship of utter submission. On being released he prostrated himself on the floor and worshipped my feet adoringly. He was now completely aroused, so I sternly explained that a good slave must obey the command of the Dominatrix at all times. As his progress was so quick, I gently bent him over and applied a little cock and ball torture. He found this a challenge, so we agreed a safe word, and thus reassured he was able to stand a fair amount of pressure on his scrotum. In fact he was asking for more, so I showed him my extensive range of dildos. He was a little hesitant, but I slowly and carefully inserted the smallest dildo with lubrication. His pleasure seemed unbounded.

That is enough for your first session,” I told him, but I showed him all the devices my Dungeon had to offer. His made a further appointment, in fact a double session. He explained that he had found in me a lady of character and beauty whom he could admire, but who could take the initiative and so relieve him of responsibility.

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