Mistress Tanya


Mistresses Power

She who thinks Domination is easy and by donning a rubber outfit and being strict is dwelling in the bosom of fools. Any Woman can become a Mistress, that is easy, but to dominate the right person to the right degree to the right level of satisfaction and perversity that is not within every Mistresses […]

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frilly knickers

Frilly Knickers

I was being driven to Wimbledon Village by one of my senior slaves, who loves Wimbledon, having a fetish for those frilly knickers worn by lady tennis players of the 1970’s. We sometimes walk on The Common under the beautiful trees, enjoying “The Lungs of London”. On this occasion I had accorded this loyal thrall

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mistress tanya sitting on her throne


It was quite a lively night! One of my best regulars arrived late one afternoon to be transformed into a really striking lady. First he had to be thoroughly showered and purified with an enema. Then I set to work on him with face creams, mascara and rouge, with a little blond wig for good

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mistress tanya dominatrix

Back to the Office

My diary has been filled by numerous slaves pleading for discipline and correction. Now back from Scotland, I have been wielding the cane and brandishing my whip to satisfy the needs and cravings of these poor boys. My sense of duty has led me to prioritise my regulars and the most loyal of my retinue

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mistress tanya and sex wheel

A Young Apprentice

Last week one of my regulars of mature years enjoyed my full strap-on treatment. Despite his age this activity produces a rock-hard erection followed rapidly by a spontaneous ejaculation. Afterwards he told me of a young man whom he has got to know and who confided in him that he has difficulties in both these

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mistress tanya with sex slave

Mistress Tanya Knows The Ropes

Gentlemen, who enjoy the full bondage experience with all over restraint, are not so common. Therefore I was delighted to welcome a very hardy looking man who requested the maximum. Not knowing him, I gave him a “safe word” and carefully scrutinised every action and reaction. Having stripped him stark naked, I bound him hog

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mistress Tanya

Crossdressing in Harrods

Sometimes my sessions exceed even my expectations, one such exotic encounter with a client who wanted a Transvestite humiliation covenant is example of a homogeneous coming together to create perfect sexual reality out of fantasy. Yes fantasy can become reality given the right people/ circumstances and ambience. My client’s fantasy was to be made up

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mistress tanya with wheel

Kidnapping at the Ritz

The scene, a mid-November evening, cold and bracing, just before midnight. A large black limo was waiting just under the canopy of “The Savoy”. One of my most trusted slaves was assisting his friend after a birthday treat at that famous hotel. However, more was in store for this gentleman. He had once mentioned that

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