mistress tanya sitting on her throne

It was quite a lively night! One of my best regulars arrived late one afternoon to be transformed into a really striking lady. First he had to be thoroughly showered and purified with an enema. Then I set to work on him with face creams, mascara and rouge, with a little blond wig for good measure. Then I helped into a tight waspie with a suitably padded bra. Finally there were the frilly knickers and a mini dress. He looked quite the part for some fun and games.

At this point my little French maid, Elizabeth arrived, with her very short skirt just covering her stocking tops, so that she was constantly revealing her pert little buttocks as she bent over the medical trolly. She and I then selected two strap-ons, and teased our poor client unmercifully as we slid the condoms on one another’s rampant dildos. Elizabeth most provocatively lifted the client’s dress to reveal the outline of his erect penis struggling in the confines of his knickers. I immediately reprimanded the naughty maid for such a liberty and forthwith put her over my knee and spanked those tight buttocks till they were red, which of course aroused our poor client to an almost unbearable degree.

“We better remove his knickers” I said, and we did this, bending him at the same time over the whipping bench. I gave him a full six of the very best, which afforded him the most utter masochistic pleasure. His penis was pulsating in ecstasy , but I commanded him not to ejaculate, even when I gently eased the dido into him, and holding him around the waist rocked him back and forth. Simultaneously Elizabeth applied the nipple clamps and every now and again gave them a little pull. At this stage Elizabeth opened the front door to my chief male slave Santino, his tall, lean form, encased in a body stocking.

Carefully she slid the condom on Santino’s member, which he presented to my client’s mouth, while I still in position penetrated him to the full extent of the dildo. It was a glorious “spit-roasting” with a simultaneous ejaculation by the gentleman players.

So, a good time was had by all. The client was very keen to arrange another threesome, which had ended in such a satisfying climax.

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