Mistress Tanya Knows The Ropes

mistress tanya with sex slave

Gentlemen, who enjoy the full bondage experience with all over restraint, are not so common. Therefore I was delighted to welcome a very hardy looking man who requested the maximum. Not knowing him, I gave him a “safe word” and carefully scrutinised every action and reaction.

Having stripped him stark naked, I bound him hog style with his tied wrists and ankles connected together arching him back in the “hog roast” position. Rolling him on his sides and front, I secured more ropes tightly around his trunk and thighs, so that he was trussed and helpless on the floor.

There he lay experiencing the most ecstatic pleasure (and pain), his impressively long penis tight and pulsating into climax. He was the most extraordinary client, and his stamina remarkable, for he endured without flinching the tightest constraints and constriction imaginable. At all times I watched him closely in case of trauma, but he was strangely in complete physical balance.

I welcome all degrees of masochists some mere beginners on their journey, others as this recent client extremists in seeking the ultimate experience.

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