The Germans are Here – Mein Gott!

the germans are here

Recently I was contacted by a German lady, very elegant, poised and sophisticated. She told me that she was a young executive who frequently travelled on business. She had met a man in a similar position, and over a drink (or three) they discovered a mutual fascination in female domination. Both were married, so discretion was essential. But as luck would have it, she and her gentleman friend were due in London on respective business trips. Therefore they had both checked “the web” for a Dominatrix of beauty and experience in London, and both independently had put me on the top of their respective lists.

Their plan was for me to train them in the techniques of domination and submission, in which she confided they were both “virgins”. So it was that last week a tall, slim, smartly dressed young German lady was knocking at my door. She said that she needed to speak to me before the arrival of her friend to explain her fantasies. She told me that she did not care for sex or even being touched by a man. However, she was roused by the sight of a naked man particularly in observing his penis erecting and revealing his vulnerable scrotum. She wanted to master the technique of having absolute control over a submissive man. Soon after her gentleman friend arrived, tall, handsome, muscular, but with the gentlest manner imaginable.

He described his fantasies, which harmonised perfectly with hers. I commanded him to strip completely and to kneel down, while I bound his arms tightly behind him. I instructed him in the etiquette of submission, only to reply briefly when addressed, and then only in the most humble manner. He must always answer with “My Mistress, or “My Goddess”. Meanwhile his Mistress had re-entered the room clad in tight p.v.c S.S. style uniform with peak cap and long thigh high jack boots. We led him into the dungeon and he performed his first act of homage by kissing her boots. I showed her my variety of canes. I explained that a good Mistress caused pain, but not permanent damage and certainly not drawing blood. I said a “safe word” must be agreed.

I demonstrated a light “six of the best” and she readily mastered the technique. However, like me, she was of a caring disposition, so rubbed a soothing balm into his reddened buttocks. Now we moved on to penetration, which is the submissive’s ultimate experience. His anus was scrupulously clean and “whitened” in the latest fashion. However, being an anal virgin, he was very tense and tight, so I gently applied lubrication, before gradually inserting my smallest dildo, which enabled me to feel the prostate. My pupil eagerly took over, but I explained she must not make him ejaculate at once, but allow him time to cool down. I then rehearsed the two of them, by bringing him to the brink several times.

I handed over to my pupil, who by this time was wearing a black strap-on. You must ask permission to come, I told him, and then it is at the Mistress’s discretion whether to allow this. She, observing his ecstasy, gave permission as she thrust in deeply.

Afterwards we had a debriefing session, and I showed them the various instruments in my Dungeon. Both agreed to make another appointment for more instruction.

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