Variety Is The Spice Of Life

mistress tanya and slave

Flexibility in the practice of pleasure and pain is one of my aims in my Eastbourne Dungeon so I was pleased to welcome one of my more discerning gentlemen who expressed a desire to experiment and be pleasantly surprised by my imagination. First off, he kept to his usual preferences of having his buttocks beaten with cane and whip till his well seasoned skin was quite red. Then with legs apart a little cock and ball torture with my hand reaching from behind to squeeze his scrotum. Even I was surprised at the pain he could endure until with his penis ramrod rigid he screamed out the safe word. Feeling quite drained he then very respectfully requested that I allow him to watch while I spanked my little French maid. He studied every detail as I smacked the pert buttocks of the young lady over my knee. This voyeurism excited him as much as the compression of his testicles had done. He then confessed his fantasy of switching and begged and pleaded with me to teach him how he might be trained to become a “master”. I explained that it was as much about psychology as corporal punishment. My mischievous little French maid was keen to allow a little playful spanking under my strict supervision. Over his knee she wriggled in sensuous delight, until I had to say this was enough for his first lesson as now it was time for the climax of the session, as Santino my tall lean slave entered. My client was commanded to bend over as I put on my strap-on with the largest of my dildos. I used some special lubrication and slowly inserted the strap-on to the full hilt where he panted in ecstasy. Santino then approached fully erected for some oral to complete the spit roast. No more need be written, four different ways of reaching orgasm. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way!” My Temple of Pains and Pleasure offers everything from flagellation to penetration with imagination.

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