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Interesting Scenarios

Slave Number One

tanya and sex slave

Santino gets special treatment – being smothered by Mistress Tanya of London’s large breasts.


Mistress Tanya of London decides she is going to cuckold her admirer by taking him to watch her perform with her devoted slave. Outraged and humiliated, her admirer cannot resist arousing himself.

Slave Number One

Lateness is a terrible mistake for Mistress Tanya. This slave is receiving a well deserved punishment for being late.

Foot Slave

Divine Foot Worship for a slave who knows his place – on his knees and kissing Mistress Tanya of London’s feet.

Chance Encounter


Having reluctantly agreed to share a taxi with a cheeky stranger, Mistress Tanya then decides to overpower him with her dominant personality and takes him as her foot slave for the duration of the journey. The domination continues back at her chambers and then on to dinner at the Ritz.

Georgina's Birthday

Obedient slave Georgina serving wine to Mistress Tanya he is wearing a mask to conceal his identity, what daring lives these company executives lead!

My Little Donkey

Mistress Tanya little donkey

Treated like a little donkey, Martin likes to be harnessed and ridden hard.

Mistress Tanya of London

mistress tanya on motorbike
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