Kidnapping at the Ritz

mistress tanya with wheel

The scene, a mid-November evening, cold and bracing, just before midnight. A large black limo was waiting just under the canopy of “The Savoy”. One of my most trusted slaves was assisting his friend after a birthday treat at that famous hotel. However, more was in store for this gentleman. He had once mentioned that he was a latent submissive and longed to play a passive and gently painful role in the great adventure of life.

Suddenly, my tall gaunt leading slave, Santino, took the gentleman’s arm and pushed him into the back of the car, where I at once applied the cuffs. Off we sped to my “Temple of Pains and Pleasures”, the gentleman, now introduced as Ben, gazing in wonder at my long blond hair, and –naughty boy–at my cleavage. Ben was soon enjoying his abduction, the more so when I removed his trousers and pants, which were straining at a massive erection. In “The Dungeon” the two slaves gave light strokes of a cane, while I applied a salve to his reddening buttocks. He wanted to come, but I forbade this to intensify the delayed orgasm. “Open your legs”, I demanded, and I standing behind him, pulled back and down his rigid member, to prevent any emission. Then with a little lubrication, I slowly inserted, a small dildo. He squirmed with delight. “I command you to come now,” I said. He delivered at once and relaxed in ecstasy. After a round of drinks, while Ben gazed at The Bondage Wheel and the instruments of torture, they left, but not before Ben had booked an appointment for the following week.

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