Mistresses Power


She who thinks Domination is easy and by donning a rubber outfit and being strict is dwelling in the bosom of fools. Any Woman can become a Mistress, that is easy, but to dominate the right person to the right degree to the right level of satisfaction and perversity that is not within every Mistresses power and is not easy. Sexuality and fetish desires is a mighty force very different to embellish or contain but I can assure anybody who visits me I will find the right level of Domination to satisfy some of their desires.

Whatever happens between a client and I, good or bad is a learning curve on anybody’s sexual curiosity about themselves. There are no rights or wrongs in Domination just different degrees of Domination perversity and humiliation. One thing I promise I will make a session with me right for you, after all, it’s your time and your fantasy.

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