Frilly Knickers

frilly knickers

I was being driven to Wimbledon Village by one of my senior slaves, who loves Wimbledon, having a fetish for those frilly knickers worn by lady tennis players of the 1970’s. We sometimes walk on The Common under the beautiful trees, enjoying “The Lungs of London”. On this occasion I had accorded this loyal thrall the privilege of two hours of my company over dinner. On the way I received a call from an erstwhile devotee, who bemoaned the fact that he could not re-establish contact with me.

Having moved, he had lost his old diary, and in fact I had moved my Temple to Fulham. “I am one of the new illiterate,” he complained, “as I cannot use a computer!” He told me that he had eventually found my number in “D.D.I” magazine. He was surprised and delighted that I remembered him, but a Goddess does not forget a faithful. So, as a special concession, I arranged for him to attend my Temple later.  Remembering him as a plump gentleman, who enjoyed “forced feminisation”, I instructed my companion to call in at his home on the way back to Fulham and pick up a pair of frilly knickers.

Being rather stout himself, I reasoned his knickers might fit the other gentleman. Back at my Temple, I greeted my old slave. I commanded him to strip, and knowing his craving for humiliation, commented on his short little penis. My companion joined in this criticism. Then I applied some face powder, rouge and mascara to my old client. Then fitting on the tightest jock-strap that I had, I pinned his genitals tightly to his body and then helped him into his frilly knickers. Finally, seeing his flabby “moobs “, I fitted a little push-up bra on him. The effect was complete, the more so when he donned a little French maid’s uniform.

I allowed him to serve tea to me and my companion. Afterwards I led him into my new Dungeon, which he had not seen before. He stripped off the clothes, and was fascinated by seeing himself in the long wall mirrors. His penis and scrotum so long confined were now tiny.

I decided he needed a good caning, but he still craved further humiliation for his minute member, which by now was quite stiff. I think we both enjoyed re-establishing contact and I discussed with him further scenarios for his next visit.

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