My thought of the week “Legacy”

mistress tanya legacy

Escaping the Hyperbole of clichéd reviews. I would as an iconic Dominatrix like to leave a legacy of sublime erotic memories in all my clients. Not every session goes to plan, so many factors are involved, the mood of the client, his expectations realistic or otherwise, the sensory environment the rise and fall of the sexual libido.

Is the sex drive an instinct, an emotion, or a mixture of both. Whatever it encompasses it goes beyond surreal reviews. Creating a Masterpiece of Fetishism is my aim, I will never achieve 100 percent but my aim will always be to leave at least a few moments of memories in my client’s minds, leaving at least a legacy of satisfied fantasies.

Fantasy should not be hard work it’s about pleasure, esoteric desires and bringing reality as close to what’s in the dark hedonistic corners of your mind into at least for 60 minutes anyway a kind of reality. Legacy is everything in Sexual matters as in everything else, our memories make us who we are.

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