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mistress tanya dominatrix

My diary has been filled by numerous slaves pleading for discipline and correction. Now back from Scotland, I have been wielding the cane and brandishing my whip to satisfy the needs and cravings of these poor boys. My sense of duty has led me to prioritise my regulars and the most loyal of my retinue of slaves. However, please do not hold back, contact me for an experience that you will not forget in a hurry, if at all. My premises are in “full swing”, myself presiding, with my chief priest Santino and my little French maid Elizabeth on standby.

So pick up the phone, activate your email or send me an email. Last week I gave a private session for some sturdy Scotsmen. I insisted on them wearing their kilts, and as tradition dictates, with nothing underneath. Their fetish was to be caned in a line, so I lifted their kilts, bent them over and reddened their buttocks one after another.

The dungeon rang with the sound of the swipes. Then some individual cock and ball torture followed, with the group watching in painful anticipation as they waited their turn. Being brawny guys they did not flinch, until they watched one after the other being entered by my range of dildos. Odd thing was that the smallest guy took the biggest dildo. However, I will let you into a secret, — he never goes anywhere without his but plug.

Anyway, our most enjoyable session gave a whole new meaning to the phrase and my Temple and Dungeon have become a pivotal point of Anglo-Scottish kinky relations!

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